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Mobile Yard Ramp (Mobile Forklift Ramp)

Yard Ramps, also known as Portable Loading Ramps or Portable Loading Docks, are a safe and affordable solution to a variety of loading dock challenges.

The majority of yard ramps serve one of two purposes. They let your forklift either up into a truck bed or down to the ground from the dock level. Which of these tasks you select to do will determine which of the designs is best for your application.

Maximum strength is provided by steel grating with bearing bars aligned in the direction of travel, while the serrated top offers good grip and discourages the accumulation of snow, water, and other debris. A smooth transition and the ramp’s longest life are provided by solid steel deck approach plates at both ends. 

(WARNING: Some competitor models have open grating at both ends, which allows the forklift’s steering wheels to twist the bearing bars and cause failure.) 

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 Grating: The Path of Travel

Loading Dock Features: 

  • All Steel Welded Construction 
  • 20,000 to 80,000 pounds capacities 
  • Lengths from 10′ to 50′ and more 
  • Widths from 73″ to 120″ and wider 
  • Traction provided by steel serrated grating and diamond plate 
  • 2 Speed Manual Crank (Adjustable between 48″ – 62″) 
  • Toe boot for easy mobility with forklift 

Quality Standard
All units are built in accordance to CCR Title 8 Section 3233
Fast Lead Times
2-4 Week Lead Times based on shop load. Expedite available.  
Custom Fabrication
Custom Widths & Capacities up to 80,000lb.
Nationwide Shipping
Buy 2, and ship for 1. Flatbeds, Hot Shots Nationwide.