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Forklift Mobile Ramp

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Fabricated in Los Angeles - USA Made

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2 Speed Manual Crank. 
Adjustable Height 48"-62".


4 Solid IDL Wheels 

Grease required every 6 months minimum.


Safety chain secures ramp to truck or ocean freight containers. 

11" min run off guard. 

Level off range between 0-10'+. This allows the ramp to level off and load product safety and effeciently. 

Toe boot - Lock Twist allows you to move the ramp with ease like a trailer. 

Reinforced joint. 

Altam is a Forklift Ramp Fabricator located in Los Angeles, CA. USA Made forklift ramps using all major components with domestic materials: to ensure longevity and return on your investment.
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Industrial Solutions: Desinged, Fabricated and Shipped!

As we fabricate and design in this forever changing industry. We have aimed to make sure that each of our products work when you do. Its not the sale, its the product we have and will keep fabricating that has marked our place in this industry.

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