Asphalt vs Concrete for Ramp or Platform Installation

Costs to consider when getting ready to install a ramp or platform on your property or leased property would be to ensure that the area that you will be placing the yard ramp or platform. 


Aggregate is used to make asphalt. Bitumen, a black, sticky material generated from crude oil, is used as a binder. Hot asphalt (bitumen combined with fine aggregate) is placed onto a bed of heavier aggregate and crushed into it with a steamroller when roads, parking lots, or driveways are made using asphalt construction. While asphalt is incredibly hard and resilient, it is flexible enough to tolerate faults in the underlying surfaces, which can result in the damage seen below.

asphalt damage


Aggregate (such as crushed rock and sand), cement, and water are used to make concrete. In concrete, the cement works as a binder, binding the material together. When the mixture dries, it provides a firm, sturdy foundation that can withstand heavier loads than asphalt. smooth.

ramp install with concrete pad