Altam Quick Opening Doors

Altam Manufacturing has been a pioneer in the engineering, design, and manufacture of quick-opening closures since 1988. The Altam Quick Opening door is a proprietary closure that was created and produced in strict conformity with Section VIII, Division 1, of the ASME Bioler and Pressure Vessel Code. The door is specially made and intended for use on Altam’s pressure vessels and autoclaves as well as by other pressure vessel manufacturers.

The operation is simple, effective, and smooth. The locking ring rotates to engage numerous lugs. A tapered hardened steel wedge is precisely fitted into each lug to ensure secure confinement and the sealing action of the door. Every door design is different, and the preliminary design stages are where great care is dedicated to guaranteeing complete satisfaction in terms of operation and maintainability. Even though every door is unique and is constructed to order, we draw from our extensive experience and have been able to perfect our standard design principles to dependably deliver a dependable and secure piece of machinery.

The Altam door was designed with operational safety as a top priority. The DOOR SAFETY INTERLOCK device goes above and beyond what is required by ASME Code UG-35. Multiple interlocks guard against pressure-related door openings. Typically, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic interlocks are used.


Carbon or Stainless Steel