Altam Autoclave Sterlizers

Altam Manufacturing has been building high pressure steam autoclave steam waste sterilizers for over 30 years. Our long list of customers, both here and abroad, include:

  • Sterilization, destruction and regulated treatment for safe disposal International Airports and their catering services for sterilization and disposal of food waste from international flights
  • Laboratories for sterilization of microbiological laboratory lab waste
  • Canned food processing centers
  • Mushroom cultivation production facilities

What is Regulated Garbage? 

All waste that is made up entirely or in part of fruits, vegetables, meats, or other plant or animal materials, as well as any other trash of any kind that has been associated with such materials. If the waste is on or taken from a means of conveyance that has recently visited a port outside the US during the last two years, it is regulated trash. A major source of worry for the entry of foreign plant pests and illnesses as well as animal diseases into the US is garbage that contains or is linked to foreign plant or animal components.


Altam is a certified A.S.M.E. Fabrication shop in Los Angeles, CA 


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