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Altam Autoclave Sterlizers

Altam Manufacturing has been building high pressure steam autoclave steam waste sterilizers for over 30 years. Our long list of customers, both here and abroad, include:
  • Sterilization, destruction and regulated treatment for safe disposal International Airports and their catering services for sterilization and disposal of food waste from international flights
  • Laboratories for sterilization of microbiological laboratory lab waste
  • Canned food processing centers
  • Mushroom cultivation production facilities
  • and much more!

Why Sterilizers?

Incinerators emit a wide variety of pollutants including dioxins and furans metals (such as lead, m ercury and cadmium), particle matter, acid gases (hydrogen chloride and sulfer dioxide), carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. These emissions have serious adverse consquences on workers safety, public health and the enviorment. 

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How it works

A sterlizer (autoclave) consists of a steel or stainless steel chamber sealed by an access door. Inside the variable seal by an access door. Inside, the variable pressure, time and temperature are specifically administered in order to eliminate the microorgasuims. 
High pressure steam is introduced into the chamber is important to ensure the penetration of the steam into the product that is 

Lead time

Lead times range on shop load and have an average lead time of 8-12 weeks based on material availability.