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Made in the U.S.A.

Altam Manufactuirng has been in business for over 30 Years.

Altam Manufacturing. was established in 1988 formely known as Alameda Tank CO now Oval Head Corp. Specializing in ASME Fabrication and custom fabricated steel, stainless, and aluminum products, The company operates out of a 18,500 square foot building, 15 miles South West of Los Angeles. With experience in , carbon steel, and stainless steel fabrication project are a smooth transition if you're looking for a new fabricating shop.

Quality & Service

Altam is a Fabrication facility in Compton, CA in the vicintiy of L.A., with a focal point in custom, high-end products with a crew of skilled engineers and welders. Altam takes pleasure in producing the highest exceptional products available on the market. Altam members are devoted to their skilled craftsman ship. Each production group member is held accountable for each product that leaves our facility. Our capable manufacturing workforce takes satisfaction in exceptional work. Extraordinarily low turnover fees, skilled craftsmen, and pride in workmanship all make contributions to the best products our customers have come to rely upon.

Make your vision a reality.

Altam can complete your parts whether you supply a solid model, CAD drawings, or even a template. Our engineers and programmers are highly-skilled and are able to make your vision a reality. Saving you on cost and increasing production to the fullest to ensure delievery dates are met.