Heavy Manufacturing
Altam has been specializing in heavy metal fabrication solutions for the refining, chemical, petrochemical, gas processing, aviation, defense, environmental power and water treatment plant industries since 1988.
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Established in 1988, Altam Manufacturing specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, export, installation, and commissioning of pressure vessels, reactors, distillation columns, heat exchangers, skid package units, expansion bellows, dismantling joints, piping spools, structural fabrication, heavy machining, etc. for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals and fertilizers, power and energy, etc.

For more than 30 years, Altam Manufacturing has catered to important industry sectors like oil and gas, refineries and petrochemicals, fertilizers, power and energy, steel, etc. We have gradually increased our proficiency in heavy engineering, machining, piping spools, skid mounted units, fabrication of ordinary and exotic materials, and many forms of static equipment.

Why Altam?

At Altam, we are fabricators and welders who offer top-notch services in welding procedures and compliance with codes and specifications.

Since 1988, we’ve provided dependable services and high-quality goods for the following industires : 

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