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When you’re looking for a company to deliver you high quality metal fabrication and services, look to Altam Manufacturing in the Los Angeles area of Southern California.
A company working with industrial markets across the board. Steel and Stainless processing services are supplied at competitive costs with quality and integrity strictly adhered to in every project.

Celebrating 33 Years In Business


Altam Manufacturing is a major U.S. manufacturer of carbon and stainless steel pressure vessels built to the ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Sect VIII, Div 1.

Steel Fabricator : Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel

Fabrication Capabilities

• CRN Registration 
• Enginering
• Forming 
• Hydro Testing
• Machining 
• National Board Registration 
• Plasma Cutting 
• Welding
• Finishing  
• U stamp Fabrication

And much more. 
If we are unable to fufill the requirements in our shop we have the ability to source through our vast network. 

Why is the ASME Stamp so Important?

The ASME stamp standardizes the level of quality that is required in these types of vessels and it’s considered an industry best practice to use ASME certified vessels. In fact, some states have passed legislation that requires pressure vessels operating at 15 psi or higher to be built in accordance with ASME boiler and pressure vessel code.